Senior Industry Speakers With The Following Job Titles:

  • SVP Global Production
  • SVP & CFO
  • SVP Intermediates & Derivatives
  • VP Olefins
  • VP Finance, Planning & Strategy
  • VP & GM NGL & Olefins
  • VP Polymers
  • VP Business Development
  • VP Corporate Strategy/Corporate Development
  • VP Policy
  • Head of Supply Chain
  • Head of Strategy
  • Global Procurement Director
  • Senor Marketing Representative
  • Head Of Exports
  • Director - Feedstock
  • Director -Strategic Business Initiatives
  • Director - Business Development
  • Director Specialty Products
  • Business Director - Olefins
  • Business Director - Isobutylene & Propylene Derivatives
  • Marketing Director

From The Following Industries:

  • Integrated Petrochemical Companies
  • Olefins & Polyolefins Producers
  • Refiners
  • EPC Companies
  • Midstream Providers
  • E&P Companies
  • Logistics & Shipping
  • Trading Firms
  • Chemical Marketers

Global Propylene & Derivatives 2014

Reports estimate that an additional 2 million mt/year of propylene will be required by 2015 to keep up with derivative market growth.

With petrochemical producers continuing to adopt lighter steam cracker feedslates at a time when refineries are also adjusting production strategies in response to gasoline demand trends, propylene supplies in North America have reached unprecedented levels of shortness and price volatility continues to severely impact the business case for supply chain investment.

This, coupled with increasing demand for propylene derivatives worldwide, is driving leading petrochemical players to look to alternative sources and technologies for its production, as well as develop strategies to maximize profitability through downstream derivative markets.

To take advantage of these enormous opportunities, many issues must first be assessed. Careful evaluation of existing and future propylene production, from conventional as well as on purpose supply sources is required to accurately forecast market shortage and available arbitrage.

In depth assessment of global propylene derivative markets, including polypropylene, propylene oxide, acrylonitrile and acrylic acid is required to determine the extent and location of the greatest downstream advantage. On top of this, in depth analysis of on purpose technology, such as PDH and MTO, andsupply dynamics for on purpose feedstock, most crucially propane, is critical to obtain optimal margins and mitigate risk in investment.

The Global Propylene & Derivatives Determining Supply Sources & Market Opportunities Summit will address exactly these issues. Following on from the first in the petrochemical series, the Ethane To Ethylene & Derivatives Summit (29-30 October, Houston), this is the only end-user led petrochemical forum, bringing together supply chain stakeholders to identify global market opportunities, optimize propylene production strategies and scrutinize the business case for on purpose investment.

With 18+ presentations from leading petrochemical companies, derivative manufacturers, E&P companies, midstream providers, chemical marketers and more, the forum will provide a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights and network with the leading figures in this exciting industry space and evaluate the changing economics for propylene and derivative production.

Click here to register and join us in Houston and take advantage of an industry opportunity like no other!



5 Key Reasons Why This Is The Must Attend Industry Forum:

  • LEADING INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES: The Only Conference Bringing Together Petrochemical Companies, NGL/LPG Suppliers, Derivative Manufacturers And Industry Marketers To Evaluate The Future Of The Propylene Value Chain
  • ENTIRE VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS : The Only Conference Evaluating The Entire Propane, Propylene & Derivative Value Chains, Providing Detailed Analysis From Production To Market
  • DERIVATIVE MARKETS: The Congress Will Reveal Specific Market Opportunities For Propylene Derivatives, Including Polypropylene, Propylene Oxide, Acrylonitrile And Acrylic Acid
  • TECHNOLOGY ECONOMICS: Economics For Propylene & Derivative Production Technologies Will Be Scrutinized To Assess The Commercial Viability Of Emerging & Existing Supply Strategies
  • PROPANE SUPPLY: A Detailed Assessment Of Feedstock Availability And Access Will Be Delivered, Including NGL Production Forecasts, Transportation Infrastructure, Export Flows And Alternative Propane Demand Sources


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